Does twittering help you focus?

Just when you thought, what am I doing and where is my life going, I read this wonderfully inspirational article about the Twitter CEO

I am a great fan of Twitter, so much so that my newly brushed up resume has it as my contact along with the email. Most of my friends, bloggers and relevant people in my life are on Twitter and I think it keeps you really updated with the latest happenings. 

I'm always moved by stories because somewhere down the line it makes me feel that my dream of "I have  so much more to do" can come true. Honestly, reading this article has made a lot of difference. The journey from a farm in Nebraska to running Twitter must have been exciting and what an amazing journey.

I 'm always curious to know how people push for their next move, how they beleive in themselves, how they can do so much- what inspires them? I've been through my highs and lows and there have been times when I have sat down and wrote in a piece of paper as many times as possible that " I want to do xyz" or whatever the thought was. It does help, more you think about it and write it down and see yourself writing it; it helps you to move forward psychologically. The rest is easy. From the extremely introverted shy girl who wouldn't go into a store when there were people around to the individual who got acknowledged in school for being a leader, team player and outspoken- it honestly was a long way. 

The story goes on, may be the rest of it for another time in this blog. 

So, if you thought, your dream is too big or really not for you- think again, how hard have you tried? Or how much do you really want it to happen? 

(Picture: Google Images)