Guest Blogger at pmstudent

Oct 23, 2008 | |
gThe other day I received an email from Josh Nankivel from pmstudent to become a guest blogger.

I love writing blogs, however to cope with 3-4 posting a week is not very easy. I try to be consistent. So, when Josh emailed me I wasn't really sure if I can pull off a few more for his blog. I was thrilled to get his invitation nevertheless! Who wouldnt.

Since he was so nice about it, I accepted it happily. He just made it sound so easy. So, I could write a new posting for him or simply post any article from my blog . Thats being super nice!

So, I posted my first article and you can read it here. Its an article from my blog, however I intend to post a new one every month along with an existing article on pmstudent.

So, till then happy blogging!

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