Who's your best friend?

Oct 20, 2008 |
At work I mean.

If you are a to-be-PM, be careful about selecting your best friend at work. In most cases it allows people (includes bosses) to understand you better by watching the type of people you hang out with. If you are seen with the trouble maker at work, it is assumed in most cases that you might not be the right person to be trusted with any confidential information.

Employees with the right company have chances of getting the best options when it comes to work.

Choose the right person and find ways to learn from the best. Try to let your immediate boss or PM know about your aims and ambitions; that you would be willing to take some extra work and learn the ropes. Everyone loves a hard working employee with the right attitude.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Soma,

You've raised an interesting question here.

Sometimes befriending the "troublemaker" can be seen as a positive quality in a new or prospective PM - especially if the person is seen to be mixing with a wide variety of people. So much of what a good project manager does is related to how well she can pull a team together. And, on every team, there will be at least one "difficult person".

Just my two cents.