Blogging Secrets

Oct 14, 2008 |
I have been blogging for sometime now and I have friends who are interested in blogging and more so since they see mine doing so well. So, I thought why not post it right here, for my friends and for everyone who might want to know a little more about the blogs and how you can do it.

All about blogging:

What- What do you want to blog about? What’s your story? Find what you are interested in and start writing. You have to really enjoy it, to post 3-4 times a week.
Where- It’s free. I use Google's blogspot to write; it’s simple and all you need to do is register.
Who- Anyone can blog, all your have to do is register. You can write about anything, keep it personal or make it public.
How- You simply type in your content and publish. You don’t need to know programming or have any technical knowledge to do so.

How to reach your audience - When you write about a specific subject, getting the right audience is easier. It also helps you to network, find people with similar interest and even learn better in the process. If you are as lucky as I have been, you get some amazing tips and encouragement from the experienced lot. You can always track your readers with Google Analytics, the country they visit from and number of visits etc.

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