Face it, work it and let it go.

Jan 28, 2011 | |
I would love to live with 100 things.
My goal for this year is still on and I have put behind my anger, discomfort, rage, irritation and bad habits to nourish the goodness in me with the hope that with the riddance of all bad, the energy will be positive which can only help me grow on a personal and professional level.

I have realised that happiness is an essential factor at work, specially if you would like to climb the ladders. No one can put hours at work unless you really enjoy the work and the team you work with. And happiness doesnt knock on your door really, you create the path to make sure it does knock loud and clear!

My personal list is more compact and organized and include simple pleasures like having my morning cup of tea in the balcony or medidating everyday. I try to forgive my past and people who have wronged me than hold on to grudges.

I am working on getting rid off the hindrances that I had created for myself over the years.

"The opposite of fear is confidence. If you don't feel confident, can you name exactly what you are afraid of?"-@LLBrandenburg

Isnt this so true?

The end of January marks the end of the initiation for this new yea;r however its never late to dig up your own fear to face them and move forward.

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