Emotions- do they need hiding?

How expressive is your face? Can you hide- emotions, feelings, betrayal or sadness?

Does your emotions or display of emotions create problems at your job, your growth or your boss assessment of your maturity factor?

Emotions are natural for humans, so no matter which gender you belong to you have ample of it in you.

Yes emotions are considered negative feelings at work, something that shouldn’t dominate rationality and judgment based on facts.
So if you are standing under the same umbrella of overwhelming emotions, make sure you know what’s happening:

  • Know- Make sure you know you are going through some emotional time. It’s not wise to discuss personal emotional matters at work or with colleagues. You never know who will use what information to get ahead.
  • Measure- If you are feeling too much of emotions make sure you are in the right condition to go to work. While work can keep you busy and make you forget worries sometimes it can break you down as well.
  • Walk the line- The fine line of personal and professional needs maintaining. Don’t divulge or display emotional side of you unless required. It can work against you and can be used as instances where rational and objective decsion making is required.
  • Stop being a cry-baby- Don’t whine, if you have a problem- fix it. You will be applauded for it and noticed instead of whining all the time how you end up getting the problems in your life.
  • Solve it- Figure out what is the cause of the emotion and fix it. Talk with your mentor if its work related and dig deeper to know how you can navigate through it.
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