Meeting Elizabeth Harrin

Feb 12, 2009 | |
Finally I get to meet Elizabeth Harrin today at the BPUG International Congress. It was wonderful and overwhelming (as you may figure out from my clumsy expression in the picture).

Elizabeth's talk on how web 2. 0 tools can be integrated with Project Mangement was fascinating and to find her so down to earth was the best part ever.

More on the 2 day's seminar coming up soon.

(Picture: Elizabeth Harrin and me in Lancaster Hotel for the BPUG International Congress and me in Hyde Park, doing what all first time visitors do- sight seeing)


Anonymous said...

Hey.. So good to know about the seminar. Can you post something about Elizabeth Harrin's Web 2.0 reading. The links doesnt seem to work.


SIPM said...


Thank you for your interest.

All the slides for the seminar will be uploaded in the official website.

I will post the link as soon as it done.