BPUG International Congress - Part 1

Feb 12, 2009 |
The idea of going to a seminar on this scale for the first time is quite scary really but it seemed alright. Thanks to Kate (PR manager for the event) and the APM group, it all seemed very easy.
There's a ton of things I've learnt from this seminar and yes I'm sharing it all right here. Three things you should always be ready with-
  • Your updated business card, so you are not trying to get one printed within 2 days of notice.
  • The right dress to be worn at the seminar (keeping in mind your changing waist line perhaps).
  • Your 30 second elevator speech (I took my tips from here)

Of course your passport.

Make sure to check out the location before and be there on time. The rest is really easy, you just go with the flow of the sessions and the people. However, a new country can be challenging in a lot of way. For me, being in a room full of people almost twice my height was really challenging. My height is not one of best assests.

Conversing with senior project, programme, portfolio managers and authors/experts/trainers could be really hard, specially when you are just starting out. It's such a thrill to just share the space with all of them and frankly most are really nice people only if you can master the guts to say, hello.

The most surprising part was meeting people right there who actually read my blog. Now, that was huge and inspiring.

Here are the websites of organizations present in the information booths:

More on the seminar coming up soon.

(Picture: At the Lancaster Hotel during the seminar tea and networking break)


Craig Brown said...

thanks for the pointer to the elevator pitch...