Interview with Karen Macdonald

I met Karen Macdonald at the BPUG seminar and while talking with her over lunch I asked if she would interview for my blog. I'm excited that she agreed to do it and here's the what she thought about the seminar. 

Stepping in2 pmWhat did you think of the BPUG seminar?
KMD: The seminar was useful to keep up to date on the various APM Group methods, meet the people behind the methods and assess what other PM professionals wanted to keep abreast of.

Stepping in2 pmWho topped your list among the speakers and why?
KMD:My favourite speaker was Don Mason from Emirates Airlines because he had applied a structured method on a large and critical programme, in a difficult working environment with many cultural differences and sensitivities to cope with.

Stepping in2 pm:  Your suggestion to new project managers on "how networking can help" and what they should do to network?
KMD: Networking is an underused tool to learn effective hints, tips and strategies from others.  Project Management in my opinion is an art.  The application of methods such as Prince2, MSP, MoR attempts to put some science into it, but there are so many varying dynamics in any project, no size fits all.  That of course, is what makes Project Management interesting and challenging.
Stepping in2 pm: Thank you Karen.

Karen has 20 years varied business experience with around 10 years in Project and Programme Management.  She is a Prince2 Practitioner, PMP (from PMI) and MSP and currently is the Project Services Director at Better Gameplan Consultancy in London, Uk.

(Picture:Don Mason from Emirates Airlines getting ready for his talk at the seminar)