10 steps to become a Project Management Blogger

Have you been thinking of starting your own blog? Have you been looking for avenues to jazz up your profile, create your own brand and start developing your network?

Blogging is a great way to enhance your skills, get access for  product reviews, latest books and new software's plus grow your network globally.

Learn all about blogging, the secrets that get you the attention, how to start writing and keep up with the schedule PLUS a free hand book with additional resources to keep you motivated and going.

Hands on training to start your blog during the webinar in a blogger platform (free) and get done with your first post.

Day 1 (duration: 1 hours)

  • Step 1- why should you blog?
  • Step 2- what should you blog about? (remember project management is a huge domain)
  • Step 3- who are your competitors?
  • Step 4: What should your blog include?
  • Step 5- How to decide on your target audience?
Day 2 (duration: 1 hour)
  • Step 6- start your own blog
  • Step 7- write your first post
  • Step 8- accessorize your blog
  • Step 9- maintain and keep writing
  • Step 10- monetize it.

To signup for the class, please click on the link here to pay only $19.99 and get blogging immediately.