Day 5: Flush out the toxins

Nov 18, 2012 | |

How is your resolve going so far? Do you feel close to your goal?

Are you holding up to your side of the bargain? Have you been derailed and been back a couple of times? Has it been tough for you?

If you are still there, hang in buddy. Anything tough is sure to win you results. 

Today make sure to flush out the toxins from your life. To keep the good in your life, you need to get rid of the bad. And to do so, you need to identify them.

Get rid of the non believers- Don’t surround yourself with friends and family, who don’t believe in your goals and dreams. You would rather be by yourself till you make new friends than be with people who will not support you when you need the most. 
You don’t need a bad lifestyle- Your discipline and resolve will get you going at this stage. Most successful people have a lifestyle that allows them to be creative’s and strategists. You will never ever find people who follow erratic lifestyle to be great project managers. 
Get off the bus- Be very clear about where you are going; get off the bus to take the road less traveled  There’s no point in following millions of others just because you have to. There’s no reason you should always listen to everyone just because that’s the right thing to do. The point is to make sure that you carve a path for yourself, know your interests and talents and then find out what works out for you. 
Stop saying No- being negative can hamper your chances of reaching your goal. While it may have taken you some practice to start saying NO, don’t start using it when it comes down to your goals. Say yes you can every time u think you have doubts. 
Get ready to flush- anything that doesn't go with your goals, flush them out. 

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