Day 4: Dream big

Nov 13, 2012 | |
It’s Diwali here in India and while the city is decked up in beautiful lights, so is my house.

With the lights everywhere, I wish all of you can hold on to your dream and your goal. I hope you have been following through your goal that you decided on Day 1. Just in case you are off the track, just get back to it from today. Don’t use it as an excuse to start again from next month. It never comes.

So, today Dream BIG.

  • Dreaming big changes you- When you dream big, you know you are ready for it. Ready to take on the new challenge, ready to explore opportunities. You tend to become more disciplined.
  • Dreaming big changes your focus- When you have already zeroed in on the dream, you now know that you have to focus. Getting the right focus means training your mind and getting ready to win big time.
  • Dreaming big means thinking positive- Dreams are always good, they may be grander, larger than life but they are always positive. You have to find a way to keep the positive thoughts going on. Use visuals, try to stay happy by getting involved with positive work, meet awesome people who are making differences everyday, find a voice for yourself, do something that you have meaning to do for long and have never tried. Sounds good but you never have time, meet people (the one whom you admire) online through blogs, twitter and other social avenues. Chances of achieving your dreams are always higher when you can stay positive for a longer haul.
  • Dreaming big allows you to be a better thinker- when you really want something, you will find a way to get it.  Staring at the wall and thinking about your big idea isn't all, usually with big thinking and an upbeat positive attitude, you will start thinking about strategies. Strategies can be from meeting up and talking to people asking for advise, it can be finding out ways you haven’t thought of before, reading up for more ideas and then implement it.
  • Dreaming big enables positive reinforcement- When you dream big and keep on thinking about it, you associate yourself with something positive. Staying positive will also keep you in a much happier place than constantly thinking about negatives in your life. So, no matter what your current status of mind is you will be looking forward to your big dream and that’s always good.

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Keep working!

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