Why I don’t advertise?

Nov 7, 2012 |

Khan academy is redefining education. The organization relies on the power of internet to reach out to millions with one single idea that can bring in the real “change”.

When I started this blog, I was trying to write something down once a week to help myself learn. I didn't expect anyone else to read me. I didn't think anyone would actually Google me. And it never occurred to me that the blog would be my source of invitation to international seminars. It was just an honest effort on my part without a single clue to how I wanted this blog to be.

Couple of years later when I started the SIPM Community, there was the concrete idea on what I want and how to get it done. I wanted to bring back and contribute something to the project management community especially the new project manages and graduate students who are thinking of career options, hence the website was launched.

I never made money out if it. It was always meant to be free. A way of education that could benefit everyone globally by meeting project management experts, following them for a day and finding internships.

I haven’t come across similar websites that do the same thing, so I know this is one of a kind. And I don’t advertise about it because advertising costs money.

The advertising that I put in my blog or for that matter the community site are all friends and I don’t charge. I have occasionally received an advertising fee ($ 20/month) for putting out the link in my blog. That’s as far as it goes.

This month is Thanksgiving and we have already celebrated the International Project Management Day. So, as a “Thank You” from me to you, you will get bundled free gifts when you buy my book Stepping Into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World) for $2.99 .

Along with the book, you get my additional e-books at zero cost: “A Peek into the Life of Project Managers” and “Project Managers and their Interviews(downloadable). Plus you get privileged access to a collection of 16 project management webinars with 16 category C PDU’s. These webinars were recorded at the latest edition of the Project Management Telesummit. You will get the webinar recording, audio only recording, and full transcripts. All you have to do is email Samad Aidane, founder of the PM Telesumit, the receipt or the PayPal transaction id for the e-book to this email address: samad@GuerrillaProjectManagement.com. You will be granted access to the full list of the PM Telesumit webinars. This offer is available from November 9. 

In other internal news: the community site will have a donation link integrated with it by the end of November, if you wish to, please feel free to contribute to keep the SIPM community site running. The amount of donation is at your discretion. You will get a personalized "Thank you" note from me, no matter what the amount is.  If you would like to sponsor the site for a month, or sponsor designers or developers for keeping it growing with additional features that benefits everyone, you can contribute as well. In such cases please email me directly at steppingintopm(at)gmail.com with the subject line "sponsor for SIPM Community site" and you have got my cent percent attention.

For December, there will be a “Project Management Blogging Course” for $19.99 only and will run on weekends. Details and signing up link coming up next week.

Be safe, stay warm and enjoy being a Project Manager!

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