Day 1: Stop Complaining

Ever wonder why 45 percent of Americans write up new resolutions and only 8 percent successful in keeping theirs?

Have you thought why you have goals and haven’t reached them ? Is it because you haven’t worked towards it, didn’t think it was possible or didn't have courage to take the risk or have the desperation in you to get it done.

This November twice a week we will focus on what we need to get rid off to get to our goals.

Day 1: Stop Complaining 

Achiever are not whiners and any resolution will stick when you have the will power.

Easily said than done, keeping up with the willpower over an extended period of time is tough.

  • So, today write down one goal. 
  • Any goal. 
  • A goal that you really want to achieve. 
  • Even if you have failed before. 
  • Write it down in a paper and keep it where you can see it. I mean it. If you are too embarrassed to keep it in public (may be because you have failed before and don’t want others to make fun of you) keep the paper in your wallet/purse, type it in your phone. 
  • Make a plan, think about it today.
  • Tomorrow morning, review your goal. Is it the same goal you want to achieve?
  • Make changes and keep one goal. Now make plans. The one you can really keep. Don’t say you will wake up at 4am and go for a run.
  • Share it with one person if you prefer Or keep it to yourself if that makes you more determined.
If you can afford to hire someone to slap you every time you are off track, go for it.

Good, now you are done with part 1 of your task.

Now for the more complex part- you have to stop complaining for the next 15 days. Seriously.

If you are in the mood, go read this forum about what people say about whiners .

Whenever you want to complaint, stop.

Stop complaining about your family, about the cold food the cafeteria serves, the backstabbing co- worker, the vicious boss, horrible weather- STOP.

Try to relax and be happy. Be conscious and see the positive side of our life, count your blessings. Look at your pay check, the fact you still have a job, thank your partner when he/she brings you coffee, take your team/co-worker out to lunch. Try to get off  from the constant whining and complains.

Set a routine for yourself every day, end of the day or early morning. Give yourself some space, some time when you are not stressing. Have a cup of tea/coffee, water your plants, breathe, just sit there and listen to some music, read a magazine, watch your favourite show. Be present.

This can’t be easy and it won’t. Repeat your routine. It gets better.

Along with this change, start putting in small efforts (15 minutes a day) to follow your goal. Don’t overdo it and then give it up. Do it every day.

If you are still reading this, go ahead and get started. And let me tell you, you are not doing it alone. I am doing it with you.

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Unknown said...

Very interesting article! I know I need to stop complaining. It is difficult to stop but I will try.