Day 3: Being scared is ok

Nov 8, 2012 | |

You have always wanted the job, dreamed of buying your first house, felt like telling your boss what you really had in mind, want to quit your job, take the certification and you are scared.

Scared of failure, scared of losing your job, scared of taking such a big responsibility, scared of dreaming big and feeling horrible when it doesn't happen?

So, today you can be scared. Yes, be scared and know it’s all right.  It’s better  being scared and face it than be in denial and keep postponing your goal. Accept that the goal you chose is a bug one, will take guts to fulfill it, takes effort to get up in the morning and get it done and after all the effort you do still might have chances of not making it.

Seriously, hats the point hiding in the fear. That’s what has kept you inside all these years. Today, walk out through that door and accept that you are scared. You want the goal so much, that you will out in the initiative, you will risk getting off your tower and you will stop avoiding it for the rest of your life.

What are the odds here? You might not make it, you say. Well you haven’t anyways all these years! So, you might as well get out there and give it a try. Create a support group, prep yourself emotionally for taking the big step and know that it’s OK.

Here are 7 steps to make your dream come true , so today stop worrying and good luck!

Plan your journey well, here's day 1 and day 2.

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Paul Cable said...

As a contractor, I have been luck enough to have extended many contracts, so the first day feeling is only once every couple of years.

I remember turning up for my first day at my new client site and it was quite daunting, as I was in the new role of a job that I knew I could accomplish, but the project I was working on was huge. Much bigger than my previous experience, but in other way, much smaller.

I think self-belief is what you need at times like this. You have to believe in yourself before others will believe in you.

I too have a blog about stepping into the PM role. Check it out.

By the way, I also link to your RSS feed in my "Project Management Blogs" news aggregation site.

SIPM said...

@Paul- Thank you for the lovely comment. And yes, you are absolutely correct that self belief is a must.

I did check out your blog and it looks fantastic, thank u for letting me know. said...

Cool there is actually some good points on this post some of my friends might find this relevant, will send them a link, many thanks...