Wrapping up October

Oct 29, 2012 |

Today is the last post for this month.

November will be a completely different ballgame as I want to come up with a plan for writing the blog. I did it once before and it went well.

So, I open an excel file and plan up the posts for my entire month and try to follow it.

And what it does is:
  • Helps me to sleep at night- And not worry about the next topic for the post.
  • Bad days are welcome- If I am down (sick or otherwise), I usually don’t feel like writing. The positive thing about committing to blogging is that you will tend to still write but in some cases the quality suffers. Better the blogger, lesser the emotional interference found in their blogging. Now, with my plan, I am ok if I have bad days because I will write my posts as planned and sometimes way ahead of time. Even when I don’t; I have the pointers done, so writing will be less of a chore.
  • More readers- Hopefully. People like routines, especially if you are a reader. At least that’s how I read the blogs I follow. I pretty much know when they post and how many times they do. Sometimes I will read them every week (very few). Some I will read on the weekend (the entire posts for the month). Others I will just skimp through (once in a while). Now that readers will find not only a routine but a story line running through November, I think it will be fun to come back to the blog.
  • Compartmentalize time - I am trying to experiment; how I respond to certain things and how I can do away with procrastination and where I am spending more time. Planning will help me just do that. I will stop thinking about the next post throughout the day and do it at the given time. Does it make me less creative at not being able to be impulsive with my ideas and write a post at mid night stressed over the deadline? Not sure, will find out.
  • Busy month- November will be super busy for me and I am hoping scheduling will help me focus better. Only tools I am going to use is excel, pomodoro app (downloaded in my desktop and phone) and my will power (ha!)
  • Stories- People like to relate to stories and that’s what I am hoping to bring in more in the blog. And yes you get timelines (not the same as Facebook!), same stories on Monday.
  • And travelling- I will be travelling for almost 10 days this month, that pretty much messes the schedule. Unless, it’s all planned.
  • That time of the year- Plans for new changes and I do have a list (2 months ahead of time), so instead of trying to follow them I am hoping to work more in bursts and less throughout the day.

What are you doing this November?

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