Which one to read?

Blogging has become such mainstream these days, it’s difficult to know which one to read?

To top it, every blog has a blogroll that they include mentioning their favourite blogs. So, how do you know if their choice is aligned to yours?

You don’t.

Here are 5 things you need to know about yourself before selecting which one to follow:

·What are you looking for- Why are you planning to read blogs? What purpose do you hope it will service. Once you have that nailed, the rest is really easy, go through them all and bookmark the ones that seems work for you. You can always narrow it down further.

·Which country are you from- Typically with so much communication going on these days, things are global. So, why does your location matter? Well, you see project management in US is very different from project management in India, so location matters. While zeroing down the final blog list, keep a mix of local as well as global if you can.

·What stage is your career at- If you are in a mid-career level, look for blogs that are written by similar people or higher. You definitely don’t want to read the blogs for fresh out college kind. However, sometimes these blogs do bring in a fresh perspective that will allow you to handle and work better with your junior colleagues 

·Your goal- what is your goal? What do you see yourself as? The best option is to follow blogs of people who have your dream job. It’s a great career investment to spend time reading on what impediments you are likely to face or what your skill set should be.

·What you like- At the end of the day, you have to like what you read. Some blogs have great information but the style of writing doesn’t click with you. So, make sure you really like what you read. More you like it, more you’ll read. 

Happy Learning!

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Fahad said...

Nice post.

It will be more useful if you add some good blog addresses.
I was searching for good blogs on Internet but could not find many.


SIPM said...

@Fahad- you will find a project management blogroll in the right panel of the blog, that should help.


Kathy Castle said...

Thank you for this nice post.