Actors- Should we imitate them?

"Once in a while, you have to take a break and visit yourself."
                                                                -Audrey Giorgi

We should be like actors.

We should have the liberty to choose our own projects.

We should have the luxury to take the time off to grow and connect with ourselves and others.

And we rarely have the time to do any of the above.

We just grab the next best offer (or job) that comes our way and sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn’t. And that’s when the problem begins- the unfulfillment of putting in hours without the satisfaction that we expected. Of course, there’s the money involved.

Our role in our job should align to our goal that we have set for ourselves.

If you are a project management professional living under years of pressure and worries, when was the last time you connected to yourself?

So, why disconnect from what we do- what we chose to do and what we love doing?

If all the happiness was derived from the job, then why do so many professionals start their own consulting firms, their blogs that grow into business, the books, the papers?

We as individuals have so much to offer, the desire to be challenged and the satisfaction of getting it done and influencing people. Why do we have the need to feel important with awards, more traffic to the website, displaying the subscriber list, hosting webinars, giving up full time jobs to follow the dream? What are really looking for?

Or is it just bad talent management?

It’s all about being more “you” and keeping it intact, it's about creating self identity that is not solely dictated by the organization we work for.

To keep on creating and progressing with or inner self, we use different strategies- we take sabbaticals, quit jobs, work on a side project, start a business and look for business partners.

By the way, did you know Harvard University first developed a sabbatical program in 1880 and if you are planning your own sabbatical here’s something to look at.

Most people during their sabbatical find out more about themselves , add new skills or simply bond with loved ones because having a real career and keeping it up is a tough job and sometimes a break is a breather to focus back on what you want to do, to re-evaluate your priorities and get going.

Believing in yourself is also directly related to your bank account according to a University of Florida study and there’s nothing wrong in looking for a dream job.

So, instead of opting for the next job, maybe we should have the option to choose our next project- to work in a domain we have been thinking or find and work with an expert and learn something worthwhile along with making money.

Why can’t we be like actors and choose our projects, complete one and move on to the next? Why linger on with jobs instead of being on the faster track of learning better? Why get stuck with the team that we are thrown into and not have the liberty to choose the team we want to work with?

Why should the actors have all the luck?

(Pic courtesy: Google Images)