Thanksgiving- help your friend for real

Nov 25, 2009 | |

This holiday season, I’m helping my friend Trang find a job.

Because the job scenario is challenging and that she will need sponsorship (She’s from Vietnam). We have a long history and our friendship happened by introduction through another of my closest friend. We went to the same school, while I was going my Grad, she was an undergrad there.

We soon, began going to the gym together, sharing the difficulties of being an international student in a new country, specially the financial part of it. We were part of potluck dinners and started driving together. She was in the car with me in my first drive in the highway here. That’s important.

We stayed friends over years and shared recipes (Trang bakes awesome cheesecakes), our lives and laughed our way through the hard times. So, if you know someone who can help her find a job, contact her directly through LinkedIn or simply email me and I can send her detailed resume.

If you want to help out your friend, make sure they have:

  • Created a LinkedIn profile and keep it updated
  • Has the recommendations ready
  • Has an offline detailed resume ready
  • Knows what he/she wants to work in
  • Relocation options are pre-decided
  • If you will personally recommend her ( like I’m personally recommending my friend, she’s in my blog and that should be proof enough)
  • How can someone know more about her, before giving her a call- help your friend start a blog
  • Social media profiles, it brings in more visibility. Of course the content has to be clean (be on twitter ). I’m still having hard time convincing Trang that she can do it, she should.
  • And start building a network (always remember to start building your network before you need it).

So, help someone this year and thank your friends and family and your Project Team!