What makes you happy PM's?

Jul 19, 2010 | |
This post is not about project management.

This is about happiness, so this Monday you are ready for the week and smiling!

So, I asked you What makes you happy PM's? Other than meeting deadlines...a good book n coffee/movie/ close grp brunch/sunday newspaper makes me smile.

Yes, it does.

The job, blogging, keeping up with my reading list, SIPM all keeps me busy and to the point that sometimes I don’t feel very inspired in my everyday life. When things just become items in my schedule and happiness seems far away, I try something new to bring it back.

Talking to the people I respect and being sincere about the problems I am facing I think automatically brings in a new perspective for me, calling up my friends and talking silly and nothing about project management is relaxing, going out for a walk and enjoying it, listening to good music, having a chocolate or a cup of tea and a good book that inspires is nice. I also like visiting grocery stores for inspiration to whip up a new dish or go completely crazy and color my hair a brownish red.

I always don’t plan out everything when I take a break; I think randomness brings out a different side to everyone.

Enough of what I do, what makes you happy? Here is what does for Elizabeth Harrin.

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