101 votes- thank you

Jul 2, 2010 |
I have 101 votes!

Thank you everyone for their support and the encouragement.

The blog would have never happened if it wasn't for the crisis I was in. I thought my job profile was getting stagnated and I needed something to keep me going. A commitment to myself that was getting hard to keep everyday.

Finally, in desperation I decided to put it in writing and started the blog. When Elizabeth Harrin spotted my blog for the first time; it gave me the unreal motivation to write regularly. I have never stopped since that day.

There has been good times and bad times and I have kept the blog consistent (at least tried to); so getting the votes in the PPM Community was big deal for me. I am so humbled, grateful and happy.

There are lots of good blogs out there in Project Management and I voted for all the blogs I read, please vote for the blogs because a little inspiration goes a long way for all the bloggers who take the time out of their busy life to do so.

Thank you again everyone for the votes!

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SIPM said...

Thank YOU Elizabeth!

Raj Menon said...

Well done, Soma. Your perseverance is what sets you apart. This is a success to be proud of for sure but I am sure you will be gearing up for your next milestone soon, whatever that mayb, and I wish you the best on that.

SIPM said...

@Raj- Thank u so much and needless to say your comment means a lot.