The E-book that is real and good

Jun 28, 2010 |
I don't like flooding my inbox with junk mails and subscriptions.

Wait till this one, I signed up at Geoff Crane's subscription so I can get the free e-book. I like what he writes and how he writes it- so I figured out this one has to be really good.

I had the e-book few minutes later called "Nine Destructive Behaviors".

It talks about different types of project managers and yeah- it is good!Very good.

It's injected with Geoff humor and is a good read not only for the sake of some good weekend reading but simply for the seriousness of the matter. You can really learn from this and to the extent you wont mind paying for the book if you had to do so.

Simple, powerful and full of observation- it tracks down traits, their behavioral characteristic and the remedies. Good way to know your project manager or even find the kind you are and how you can improve.

By the way- the email's that you get from him in your inbox are actually similarly interesting- I'm not a big fan of inbox emails from websites, but from Geoff I differ.

So, to get the book you have to sign up here and to get in touch with the master himself, click this.

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Geoff Crane said...

What an honour and a thrill to read this post! Thank you so much, Soma for your fabulous review! :-)