Welcome to SIPM

Jun 8, 2010 | |
Today is special, very special.

This is my day to let you in my life and share the opportunities, laughter and blessing. Today, I give back what I have always received from so many of you. Welcome to SIPM.

SIPM is a simple way to connect, share your expertise with others, your knowledge, your support and have some fun on the way.

You can be new to project management; you can be a graduating student or someone who wants to climb the ladder and see what project management is all about – you are welcome to the SIPM family!

So, you were once upon a time newbie and have struggled, had your share of your disappointment and life has brightened up for you- you a are Project Manager now! Have 5 minutes to spare? Share it with others, sign up here. Looking for an intern to help up lighten your schedule a little, let SIPM know. Or how about inviting a newbie to your office and let them Shadow you for a day- show them the real world far away from the texts and papers.

The SIPM beta version has a long way to go and we have just started. So stay around while we fix up the site and bring out new features in the coming weeks. The website is open for US and UK for now, however we will open it up to more countries in the coming weeks.

And yes, its all free- no registration fees. If you like it, tell your friends about it.

If you find bugs or have suggestions or want to say “hi”, find me here. To know more about the site click here.

Have fun everyone and share your SIPM stories with us on Facebook.

SIPM doesn’t take any responsibility for false information provided by registered users or lack of communication among members. This is a site that provides a platform for newbies to meet experts only.

(Pic Courtesy: SIPM)