Are you Lazy enough?

May 31, 2010 | |
The lazy project manager has taken it up a notch by introducing the new program on how you can become one. Check out and be lazy and twice as productive.

Be served with the science of productive laziness and get your work- life balance better for your and your team.

So why the online course- I ask Peter Taylor.

“I started the eLearning program because a number of people wanted more information about productive laziness. More beyond the book and more beyond the presentations I have delivered around the world on being ‘lazy’ and being a better project manager.
Since I do have a full time job with Siemens PLM heading up a PMO, and even taking in to account that I am incredibly productively lazy, I did not personally have the bandwidth to offer actual consultancy or classroom style training. The solution seemed to be eLearning.
With The Lazy Project Manager eLearning experience students get to learn more about being a ‘lazy’ project manager through audio visual lessons, get to complete some supporting workshops and even get to take a ‘productive lazy test’. All in the fun manner that you come to expect from The Lazy Project Manager.”

Sounds wonderful, so if this is what you like check out the site.


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