How can you keep everyone happy?

May 24, 2010 | |
Chances are you cannot.

However with a few carefully thought out lists you can keep some of them happy:

•Ask questions- don’t assume anything in a project if you are not sure about it. Repeat what you understood to keep things clear.
•When doing any project documentation, maintain the versioning system and track all change requests. If you are responsible for keeping tracks, make sure you date them correctly and mention why a new version is being done. It solves a lot of disputes later.
•Keep your project manager in the loop, if you report to one. Don’t hand out final documents at the last moment and no have time to tweak anything.
•Stop giving excuses. It doesn’t help your credibility. Be accountable and just go head and do it.
•Speak up for yourself. Don’t be rude to your team, however don’t let anyone else take advantage of the fact that you never speak up. If someone else is blaming you for something you didn’t do, be polite, clarify and then offer to help.
•Be honest- it shows in your work and management gets it.
•Ask for advice, talk to people and then take your own decision. If you want a raise, promotion make sure you are not randomly talking about it and wasting someone s time. Getting ready for it takes time and make sure you out the effort. Keep an excel sheet of your contribution to the team, or time you have taken initiative and you were appreciated, brought in business or client liked your work. More the data, stronger your case. If possible, mention the dates, copies of emails along with or proof enough, so your boss doesn’t thing you are making it up.
•Show up with a smile and lot of positive attitude. Don’t always say- it cannot be done or it’s not time enough. If you think- the deadline doesn’t make sense, tell them you are trying your best and will keep them in the loop as the work progresses.
•Ask for help. Don’t be a slacker and get your work done by someone else. Just make sure don’t be shy if you need help with some calculation, need a peer review of your project or simply need to meet the deadline.
•Don’t be selfish- make sure your team gets the credit. They are the ones you spend 8 hours a day with. You downplay them or lie- it will come back to you the very next day.

Have a great Monday everyone!


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