Why you do- what you do?

Understanding your objective/goal/interest/ambition might give you answers to your own questions.

If we all knew why we do what we do, the world would have been a different place. Getting to a point; any point is based on a lot of complex thinking- thinking about the goal, analyzing on how to get it, preparing for it and finally getting it done.

The point being, don’t do anything just because your best friend is doing it or its sounds cool. Don’t be a Project Manager, because you think it sounds awesome and paycheck sounds attractive.
You cannot survive any profession unless you enjoy it and you cannot enjoy until it is something you really want to do. Your own personality should match with the requirements (read soft skill) of the job.

So, you have to know what why you are doing what you are doing. Once you are aware of that, rest is very simple.

So, how do you know if Project Management is right for you? How do you know if this is something you will like before you commit on getting the next certification and spend thousands of dollars on it? How will you know that you can rise up to the challenge and get it done?

If this is something that interests you, hold on……..more coming in the next post.

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Umasree said...

Very true. It is always important to identify a true leader in you who can be the best Project Manager and then take up project management to great heights both for your benefit as well as to the organization you work for!


Project Management Software said...

Traditionally, project management includes a number of elements: four to five process groups, and a control system. Regardless of the methodology or terminology used, the same basic project management processes will be used.