Lessons from NYC

Sep 13, 2010 |
My vacation is over. 

New York was fantastic; weather was good and am loaded with good memories and great time.

The best part was meeting some inspiring people and seeing why they are so good at what they do. Here are some New York City NYC flavors for you:

•Being around ambitious people works- you see other people implementing their careers and you not only get more information but also learn great things simply by observing them. In NYC you are rubbing shoulders with the best everyday.
•They love their careers, not jobs- attachment to their current location is zero, what they are striving for everyday is more opportunities, more money and take every chance to grow.
•Networking is part of their lifestyle- they are always looking for new contacts, saving phone numbers and keeping in touch.
•They stay updated and gearing up everyday for the next move- reading, taking up classes and stay in top of their games everyday. It’s an initiative NYC professional don’t take for granted.

So, whichever city you are in, its time to be inspired!

(Pic Courtesy: Soma.
by the way if you happen to visit NYC- try out Bubba Gump at Time Square- great food and wonderful place)


Jude said...

NYC pride :) It's refreshing to hear someone say nice things about New Yorkers. Usually people just say that we're rude and drive dangerously etc etc.