A Peek into the Fabulous Life of Project Managers (e-book)

The much awaited E-book is finally ready and you can download it.

It's free.

The E-book has contributions from:

  • Andreas Splett
  • Deepa Koshy
  • Elizabeth Harrin
  • Geoff Crane
  • Josh Nankivel
  • Peter Taylor
  • Raj Menon
  • Robert Kelly
  • Samad Aidane
The e-book takes you through the fantastic journey of all these project managers and their stepping into it. From their inspiration to their regular routine the book covers all you have ever wanted to know about being a Project Manager.

If you like what you read, share it and drop a line or tweet to the lovely contributors (you will find their contact info in the e-book). What an honor to have them all together.

For download, click here.


Jeremy Gilbert said...

In many ways, our society has gone certification crazy. We demand certifications as though they were a substitute for the ability to think. A guarantee of suitable skills and abilities to do the job. Or as if they were a guarantee that our experience was real.