Burger and PM Tools

I have been craving burgers for a month now and finding a good joint in Kolkata (India) isn’t easy. So, I finally gave up and made one at home this Sunday.

It tasted awesome, almost like Chicago.

And I read.

I have a list of book all piled up that needs reading. I finished off Seth Godin's Linchpin  and next is Good to Great.

I have been doing plenty of things- working on the e-book that I keep on mentioning about and finally will be available this month. It’s my give away to all my readers, no tweets, comments or answers required and no lottery involved. The book’s awesome by the way- I’d pay for such insight and personal stories from these Project managers fro all over the world. This one is Free!

I have been dabbling around with Google Apps and the very new Google +  this weekend. Liking the Google + so far. Google Apps has a bunch of project management software out there which have to be tried out very soon. 

By the way, I have eben looking into a couple of these PM software’s this month:

•This one looks promising Microproject and let’s see if I can try it out. See their review here. Pricing details can be found here
•Another’s called Planning Force  and it’s a free downloadable software. For details, read up here 
Water FlowOn , see pricing here   
BirdView Projects , more on their plans here 

Detailed reviews will be coming up later. They all look awesome so far and focus on the easy use and promise great results.

So, to tell the tale- I am creating projects! You never know the benefits until you get one. So, one project in one software! 

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Anonymous said...


I am from NY and know what it is like to crave something that you can't get locally...or at least as good as the original. In North Carolina, good Pizza and Bagels are hard to come by.

I am excited about the ebook...your list of PMs included was amazing and your readers will love it! Great work!

As for the software, I am hosting a roundtable event via Focus.com. I am not a provider or reseller and this will be a vendor neutral discussion on how to select a tool, implementing a tool, and trends (i.e. social media) in PPM software. It is free, no sales pitch, or sales call a few days later. Feel free to check out the link... http://focus.com/c/HJ0/ (I only 'promote' this because it is free and meant for education, not sales)

SIPM said...

@Robert- Thank you so much for stopping by :)

Getting a pizza here is far easier than a burger...

Thanks for sharing about the software info.


Denis said...

Hey Soma, enjoy your homemade burger :)

Thanks for sharing the views on different PM tools. I'm pretty much a newbie and still exploring the PM arena so this post is helpful for me. PMs at my company mainly use Microsoft Project for resource management, collaboration, and reporting purposes. They're always raving about how it's simple and easy to use for project management.