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Tools- aren’t the answer to your Agile Transformation

The most hyped up idea during an Agile Transformation is the search for tool that would best suit your organizational needs. Tools is necessary, however isn’t the priority in your Agile journey.

In the process the focus shifts to the tool and then purpose of the transformation is lost. It reaches a point where transformation is equated with tool.

You don’t need fancy tools and a huge budget to start something small. Start your journey with a whiteboard, something that the team has to work on and can play around with it, changing and adding metrics or creating their own customized dashboard.

You can even try a team cork board, or use simple sticky notes or free software to try out the teams comfort level. Tool should be part of the process, not the process.

There are lots of reasons, why you fail in agile and tool shouldn’t be one of them. 
So, find ways to ensure you are Agile in reality. 

To know more about Agile tools, try the links here and here.

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Oct 13, 2011 | | 2 comments |

I have had it for a year now. I seldom used it.

Until now.

Evernote has changed the way I read. I have it pretty much everywhere- web, desktop application, Iphone and even the web clipper (chrome extension).

I have to say, I use the web clipper the most because I like to remember the sites or article I enjoyed reading. I used to save links before in notepads or Google tasks, now I simply clip it and tag it.

The sync takes care of the rest. So, I can read them later at leisure say from my phone.
I also have been keeping the business cards virtually with Evernote, take a pic, attach it and write a note to remind yourself where you met, why should you connect and save it.

I haven’t used SpringPad, but it seems like a good one too.

Another new find has been Linoit. I have been looking for a Kanban board that I can use and Linoit just does that! You can use it the way you want. Like a reminder board with stickies, or simply stickies that come with a reminder and alarm feature, a mood board or a kanban board. And it’s free.

If you want to see the list of similar board applications click here . 

Bird View Projects- A Peek

Jul 18, 2011 | | 0 comments |
Simple, clean and intuitive- this piece of online software makes it easy to work on projects!

To work with Bird View, you won’t need additional hours of training or blank stares to figure it out. It’s right there for you.

Create projects, add people and empower them with user access rights by a simple grouping of:
•No access- cant access any new project
•Participant-  can see task and post comment on them
•Contributor- can see project task, edit assigned, and create new ones. Also can post messages.
•Manager- can create new projects, see all task including private, create and edit everything

Come with standard features creating projects, tasks, sub- tasks and assigning resources. Billing has 3 options provided:
•Specific rate
•Fixed cost

Need additional fields to cover your projects and business flow, simply "add" it to get:

You can also provide “allowed values” for each of these customized fields. What fun!
With each task, include alerts.

The Dashboard is not cluttered at all and like most software’s shows your assigned tasks . Of course you can re-brand it with your own logo and organization name.

I started using it for my personal projects and will use it. If you have used basecamp before, it has a similar feel to it. A collaborative tool for projects where the members are all in hose , virtual or located at different places.

Thumbs up Bird View!

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Burger and PM Tools

I have been craving burgers for a month now and finding a good joint in Kolkata (India) isn’t easy. So, I finally gave up and made one at home this Sunday.

It tasted awesome, almost like Chicago.

And I read.

I have a list of book all piled up that needs reading. I finished off Seth Godin's Linchpin  and next is Good to Great.

I have been doing plenty of things- working on the e-book that I keep on mentioning about and finally will be available this month. It’s my give away to all my readers, no tweets, comments or answers required and no lottery involved. The book’s awesome by the way- I’d pay for such insight and personal stories from these Project managers fro all over the world. This one is Free!

I have been dabbling around with Google Apps and the very new Google +  this weekend. Liking the Google + so far. Google Apps has a bunch of project management software out there which have to be tried out very soon. 

By the way, I have eben looking into a couple of these PM software’s this month:

•This one looks promising Microproject and let’s see if I can try it out. See their review here. Pricing details can be found here
•Another’s called Planning Force  and it’s a free downloadable software. For details, read up here 
Water FlowOn , see pricing here   
BirdView Projects , more on their plans here 

Detailed reviews will be coming up later. They all look awesome so far and focus on the easy use and promise great results.

So, to tell the tale- I am creating projects! You never know the benefits until you get one. So, one project in one software! 

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New Web Tool- Zapproved

Dec 17, 2008 | | 2 comments |
If you are following the new web 2.0 tools and how office life is supposed to be easy, here's another for you.

To read more about Zaaproved, read the special review by Elizabeth Harrin here. It's a cloud application, yes CLOUD. Just incase you have been hearing about it and don't know exactly what it means, you can try out Wikipedia. 

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Project Management Presentations

Dec 3, 2008 | | 1 comments |
Look no further. All you need is a simple idea and rest is history. 

It's not a big deal anymore since sharing has become over-simplified over the net. I have been eyeing the Slideshare feature for a while now (it's one of the new application added in Linkedin as well) and uploaded my first slide today.  

I have always been a huge fan of new technology and Slideshare seems very exciting. Here is how you can use Slideshare for your PM needs:

  • Create power point presentation ahead of time and upload it in Slideshare
  • While uploading your presentation you have the option to check/uncheck if you want the PPT to be downloadable.
  • Having well thought out PPT  and access to it can be amazing for your team
  • You can keep them all in one place and use it as required. 
  • Of course you can browse through the presentation of others and add it to your favorites, great way to get in touch with new people and get some fresh idea.
You can view my presentation about Communication Skills necessary for aspiring Project Managers by simply clicking on the slideshare link. 


Project Management Tool- twitter

When I first started my Twitter account, little did I know about it's advantages.

Frankly, two days later I thought I couldn't use it properly and perhaps was missing some information.

Thats when I found this article at Guy Kawasaki's blog. Its absolutely mind blowing and a must read for everyone who has a twitter account.

I am sure it's a great marketing tool if you are keen on building your brand or market your product (website or services). However, it can be turned into a great Project Management tool as well. Tweet with some PM experts and you can get solutions to your problems and even have some light moments communicating with your team. If your team's not techsavy, who else should be ?

Of course it also allows your team to be on the edge on emerging technologies and will encourage them to share new tools and technologies with all. Share the work list and team meetings in the twitter way and it could turn into a great tool for team building and sharing information.

Here's a tip if you are a new Twitter user- Install Google Desktop and then get the Twitter gadget from the site. You can update your tweets by this gadget alone and you dont need to login to the site everytime.



Nov 25, 2008 | | 0 comments |
I created my Twitter account a few days back and I like it!

So, I added it to my blog. You can open your own Twitter  account by clicking here.  Its fun and a great way to be in touch. 

I know my Book Reviews due and I will post it soon. I have just turned into a crazy reader these days, simply chasing one book after the other.