Project Management Presentations

Dec 3, 2008 | |
Look no further. All you need is a simple idea and rest is history. 

It's not a big deal anymore since sharing has become over-simplified over the net. I have been eyeing the Slideshare feature for a while now (it's one of the new application added in Linkedin as well) and uploaded my first slide today.  

I have always been a huge fan of new technology and Slideshare seems very exciting. Here is how you can use Slideshare for your PM needs:

  • Create power point presentation ahead of time and upload it in Slideshare
  • While uploading your presentation you have the option to check/uncheck if you want the PPT to be downloadable.
  • Having well thought out PPT  and access to it can be amazing for your team
  • You can keep them all in one place and use it as required. 
  • Of course you can browse through the presentation of others and add it to your favorites, great way to get in touch with new people and get some fresh idea.
You can view my presentation about Communication Skills necessary for aspiring Project Managers by simply clicking on the slideshare link. 



Unknown said...

Actually I have recently discovered Google documents. It is very convinient. If you need few people to update the same spreadsheet, instead of emailing the file to each team member, you just upload it to Gmail(send it to yourself and open) and send the created link to everyone. I heard that it is also used by some project management tools to track the documentation, such as clarizen: