My Work Space

Dec 11, 2008 | |

Any work space whether in office or home in most cases is the reflection of your image. Your work style can easily be  evaluated by simply visiting your cubicle or desk. 

Here is my list of desk accessories at work:  

  • A calendar
  • A pen holder that says- share a smile
  • A quotation by Patt Summit pinned on my board, says “You can choose to settle down for mediocrity, never venturing forth much effort or feeling very much or you can commit. If you commit, I guarantee you that, for every pain, you will experience an equal or surpassing pleasure.”
  • A white board with projects names and the to-do list for the day/week.
  • Artificial plant in a glass tumbler filled with multicolored beads
  • A coaster (with an orange and steel color theme)
  • My blackberry
  • PM process chart
  • Couple of coffee and subway menu/s in a see through folder 
(Picture: google images)