Project Management Tool- twitter

Dec 3, 2008 | |
When I first started my Twitter account, little did I know about it's advantages.

Frankly, two days later I thought I couldn't use it properly and perhaps was missing some information.

Thats when I found this article at Guy Kawasaki's blog. Its absolutely mind blowing and a must read for everyone who has a twitter account.

I am sure it's a great marketing tool if you are keen on building your brand or market your product (website or services). However, it can be turned into a great Project Management tool as well. Tweet with some PM experts and you can get solutions to your problems and even have some light moments communicating with your team. If your team's not techsavy, who else should be ?

Of course it also allows your team to be on the edge on emerging technologies and will encourage them to share new tools and technologies with all. Share the work list and team meetings in the twitter way and it could turn into a great tool for team building and sharing information.

Here's a tip if you are a new Twitter user- Install Google Desktop and then get the Twitter gadget from the site. You can update your tweets by this gadget alone and you dont need to login to the site everytime.