Lessons Learnt in 2008

Dec 24, 2008 | |

The year 2008 has been extremely special to me. I started my blog, started writing extensively about PM, prepared for the exams (certifications) and was determined that this is what I really want to do for the rest of my life. 

I have learnt more than I imagined, have got some great advises  from amazing Project Managers and connected with them whose sites and blogs have helped me learn the trade.

I have learnt some lessons the hard way and I want to share it with all of you here-

  • Being smart isn’t enough, having the right attitude is.
  • Be very clear about your goals.
  • Build your credibility, it takes time
  • Learn from the experts.
  • Be humble.
  • Enjoy your work, it shows.
  • Resource management is the toughest.
  • Make your everyday work life creative, find out ways/things that interest you.
  • A blog helps to seal your point of view and show your genuine interest for the profession.
  • Project Manager’s are nice people, helpful and genuine- perhaps it comes with the profession.
So, this Christmas I ask Santa that all of you (Aspiring Project Managers) should have the blessings that I have had through my blog, meet some incredible people and realise that your dreams can come true.

Thank you for all your support and as a token I have a special post coming up on December 31. I ask 5 Project Managers about the three things all aspiring PM's must do and they have all graciously agreed to talk about it. 

I'm thankful to all of them for agreeing to do this on such a short notice. It's such an honor to have Alec Satin, Baas De Baar, Elizabeth Harrin , Josh Nankivel and Raven Young in a single post. All of them have been extremely kind to me, very helpful  and such an inspiration. Above all, they have made me realise that Project Managers are supposed to be good people. Always.

Merry Christmas everyone, I will be back with the special post on Dec 31!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read what the others have said!