Beyond Code- Reviewed

Dec 4, 2008 | |
Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas 

Discussing ideas is what Rajesh Setty has done so stylishly in his much coveted book BEYOND CODE. His e-book is 145 pages (has blank pages inserted) and before you think it would take too long to read, let me remind you- its one of the fascinating books we all look for. Once you start reading it, chances are you will finish it the very day. 

The review is my own understanding of the book and points that I would like to remember. Please note that this review is not in any way a replacement for the original book reading experience. 

Your ROI (return of investment) will be much higher than you expected. You have the book free (link given below), so all you invest is your time. The book is perfect if you are looking forward to imbibe some valuable changes into  your personal or professional life. The language is simple and straightforward with points and anecdotes and experiences shared from the authors own life.

 Three things to know when you start reading the book-

  • Believe- Trust the author and the fact that you would like to bring in some change.
  • Participate – You have “accountability forms” running throughout the book!
  • Personalize the read- Take the lesson and use it your way.

In the various chapters, the author discusses various points of what the readers can do to bring about the changes. Given below are some random points taken from the book which I think were quite thought provoking-

  • What can you (as an individual) bring that special You in the table?
  • Know what you are doing and where you want to go (Be different)
  • Path to success cannot be followed, create your own path- innovate
  • Have clarity in what you communicate - understand others perspective
  • Read well chosen matter- Setty talks about reading 1 book/week.
  • Use accelerated learning techniques- music increases the effectiveness of learning and yes I have personally tried it in more than several occasions and it works.
  • Use mindmapping as an effective tool
  • Love and enjoy your work
  • Go beyond the call of duty- take extra responsibility and people will take note.
  • Have a great attitude- a sure one, it always get noticed.
  • Find a mentor- no matter at what level you are this helps. I have written about it in more than several occasions. Never hesitate to make a connection.
  • Let go the HULK complex- don’t hesitate taking help from others, if they are willing to. Trying to solve all issues by yourself doesn’t help. To know amore about the complex try answering the questionnaire in p.78.
  • Make others feel good about themselves- so true
  • Be genuinely interested in other people
  • Be optimistic
  • Keep an open mind- listen to other ideas and people even if you don’t agree to it.
  • Prep yourself up for your next role- if you want to be team leader, try volunteering for some of the work and know what it is to be one.
  • Be ready for your leadership moment 

Here’s what I consider the Take Home from the book:

  • Create your own brand
  • Maintain a relationship journal
  • Your career is all about delivering the right ROI to your employer and yourself.
  • Share the book with someone- you can download the e-book right here.

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