Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 2008 |
This week has primarily been about making my site more interactive and of course some postings.

I want to know more about the people who visit my blog and I decided to have some fun. The "meebo" IM application is my new addition along with the Twitter and the monthly poll. What do you think? Like it? I agree you can't see me online always but you can leave me a message at least. It's instant, so you dont have to take time to write a comment or even email me! How about that? When I login later, I get all my offline messages.

I have been a Meebo fan for a really long time and their idea of an organization is really cool. I love their concept- the fun, innovation and their work ethics, you can read up their blog right here.

Read the article for some serious tips for aspiring PM's this Thanksgiving .

Wishing all the blog readers a Very Happy Thanksgiving!