Nov 7, 2008 |
My current project has been one eye opening experience about managing resources.

Generally, everyone has the tendency to slack on work unless supervised. So, I decided to take on a different route to make sure that the work was being done on time and that Friday's shouldn't be a 8pm issue.

Here are the changes which actually worked-

  • Provide with plenty of work which is feasible for the day.
  • Make sure the designated works comes with the exact timeline.
  • Let everyone know why we are working on strict deadlines (everyone gets to go home on time).
  • Appreciate the hardwork of the team.
  • Build more team style working than individual basis.
  • Everyone is inspired when deadlines met.

Work should be done in a way that everybody sees how it can help them, their resumes, their learning, their growth. If they get it, work will be done much more easily.

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