Project Management in Politics

Nov 11, 2008 | |
The Obama win was historic and wonderful and as i was going through some articles today, I just had to share it here.

It was one of those perfect plans which was executed almost flawlessly. It was a more than a project, something to learn from- a team work that made the impossible possible. It was instance of perfect Project Management strategies that delivered the BIG CHANGE.

The NY Times talked about the campaign and its execution, the management and strategies involved which I thought was fascinating and had to share. Read this here and indulge in some more fasinating reading about the PM strategies used by the Obama campaign and how the project was handled here .

The website, the interactive web 2.0 features, the full proof planning could be all, but nothing would have been possible if he didnt look like a winner. He was confident, smart, well spoken individual and a leader people could trust.
(Image- Google Images)