Monday Blues

Nov 10, 2008 |
So, its almost nearing Monday and I decided to skip my association with the treadmill right now and talk about how I have been changing my morning schedule a bit these days , hopefully all for the good.

I switch on my computer in the morning most days, when I am expecting a feedback or email/s for the ongoing project while sipping on my coffee. This is how it helps me-
  • I know my days work, before I step into the office and I plan it while on my way to work.
  • I know the areas and issues I or the team has to work on and I can send emails when I know them or let me know as soon as I get into the office. Gives the assigned person more time and less excuses for not getting the job on time.
  • My Project Manager (the one I work with and a great mentor) has all the answers to the questions when he walks in and I am ready (because I have already checked my email and have my day's plan done ahead).
  • It doesn't take more than 15 minutes and I am more prepared and better informed than everybody else every single day.
  • The new girl ( am not the newbie anymore), who I am mentoring should have the best possible example of work ethics and how things can be done. Even when you don't spell it out you are always watched. More so by the person under your wings. I think she deserves it, because I have learnt a lot from my mentors.

So, I have to sign off, but if you have your own plans of getting things done on Monday and every other day- do let me know. It will not only be a learning experience for me but for all the others who would like to improve every single day.

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