Keep your Hustle Thriving| Retain your Custoners

Nov 24, 2019 |
 Stepping into your hustle, business or freelancing initiative happens all the time. To make sure your hustle is actually coming back with the right return of investment getting customers is always a must. What is more important is making sure you retain your readers/customers. 
If you don’t have a side hustle but have a blog like me or have a book, a website- this works as well.
Acquiring new customers will be a natural side effect of customer retention. Let’s take a look at how you can keep customers coming back every time:
1. Go The Extra Mile- As a business trying to succeed in a flooded marketplace, you want to make sure you’re differentiating by going the extra mile for your customers. Whether you’re working with them online or in person, you need to let them know that you’re there to help them no matter what. 
This is why customer service is so important. Having a team of dedicated customer service reps  is awesome, but even if its just you trying to do it all- focus on the customers. Your customer service will always give a boost you need, specially when word of mouth is the best marketing you can have.
2.     Give Them Freebies-Now this is controversial, because freebies are great for the receiver. For you as the owner, while you don’t want to give away things for free always, you can definitely add something for loyal customers or people who have been with you for a while. Just a little something to say Thank You. 
3.     Offer Discounts- Offer discounts to your loyal customers. You don't want to become However, there’s nothing wrong with offering special discounts to customers as an incentive to keep them coming back specially when they  shop over an amount or to simply bosst sale during holiday seasons. Make sure they know that these discounts are just for them! 
4.     Come Up With A Compelling Loyalty Program - A loyalty program is further incentive for your audience to come back to you. You could offer free products after a certain amount of purchases, or create a loyalty program that suits your business better. Whatever you do, make sure it’s compelling enough that your audience actually want to come back and use it. 

5.     Let Them Know They Matter - You need to let your audience know they matter, and you can do this a number of ways. First, make sure you offer them help and add value in their lives. Answer questions, don’t ignore the details and get involved in discussions on social media . 
I have heard so many bad experiences in working with customers, especially around payments. So if you want to verify customers ids, there are services that you can avail. Jumio's identity verification service can verify government IDs so you know who you are working with and don’t have to worry. This will take a load off your shoulders and allow you to give your audience the service that they deserve. 
6.     Feature Them On Your Socials-Feature your customers on your social pages and show them proudly showing off their items from you. Not only does this create social proof that will be great for attracting other people to your business, it will make your customers smile as it shows them that you value them. Pictures like this can go a long way to create loyal fans for life and making other people want to work with you. 
7.     Ask For Their Feedback- Don’t be afraid to ask for the feedback, most are happy to give.  Some of them may have good pointers when it comes to your service or product, and they will appreciate you taking them seriously. 
8.     Share Your Expertise - Make sure you share your expertise. Doing this enables you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, as well as help others. This is so relevant if your business is on knowledge areas, like dietician, consultants etc. Don’t be shy about letting people in on what you know. Sharing your expertise can definitely mean customers see the value and insight you had when they work with you.