Is it snowing today?

Dec 9, 2019 |

Its December and yes it’s the season of thinking about whats coming up next, getting ready to write resolutions and wrapping up the year with good cheer.  

It’s also a year gone by.

Here’s what I am thinking- my next year shouldn’t be about asking uncertain questions of things I should have already done. 

It should be plans that work, risks that are taken and thinking beyond what I think I am capable of.  

The reptile brain in all of us , keep us safe. And yes we can still break out of it by following the 5 second rule. This means stop thinking and get going. 

But where are you really going? Do you have a plan? Is it the same plan that you had for the last 5 years? 

For me for anything to work, I have to have a combination of that it has to be done (non negotiable) and I will have do it everyday. One break and my habit goes poof. 

 And no, I am not writing another resolution because I already know what I need to do and why I am failing at it.  And the WHY- remember the why, it always works for me. 

Years ago I took a class where we were told to cut out pictures and quotes and put it in a blank postcard and keep it where we could see everyday ( a mini vision board). I kept it in my car……..yes I saw it everyday. And yes it worked. This year for a while I did something similar and it did wonders for me. Once I started feeling on top of the world, I stopped it. I forgot the work I had to put to feel that way or get things done.  

And yes things are still fine; however I definitely can do better. 

So 3 things for me to start doing again:
1.      Create the vision board/card
2.     Work on it everyday, no breaks
3.     Think about it, look forward to it and create the positive mindset.
It’s that simple and straight forward and new years resolution or not, this needs to be started. 

What have you been thinking?

(Pic courtesy: Pexels)