CAPM- I didnt make it

I didn't make it.
As much as i'm dissapointed, I'm glad I took the exam (CAPM). Here are few things I thought everyone should know to avoid the disaster:
  • Read between the lines of the PMBOK book
  • You should know the inputs and outputs of all processes and terminologies.
  • You do get some basic calculations (I got 5 of them), read your formulas
  • Questions come from all processes.
  • When you think you are ready for the exam, give yourself a month more.
  • Try taking the test through softwares available in the market and prep materials (I didn't do it), it will help

Thats all for now, CAPM exam analysis and more will be coming up soon. Thanks for all your support, emails and encouragement.


Anonymous said...

Don't give up!! When I took the PMP I took some time off from work and drilled with Rita Mulcahy's sample test program. It really made a difference.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have learned some good lessons so you'll be really well prepared for next time. Sorry you didn't get through this time but I think you'll be much stronger at your next attempt!