Personality type for Project Managers

Sep 11, 2008 | |
Ever thought about the personality type you belong to and how it can contribute towards your effort in becoming a PM? If you are already one, what traits in you helped you become successful?

I happened to stumble on this article which talks at length about the qualities needed. Here are few questions taken from the article which to-be-PM's perhaps should think over.

  • What basic skills do I lack, and will they interfere with my work?
  • What non-Project-Management experiences will help a person be a good Project Manager?
  • What are my strongest skills, and will I exercise them daily?
  • If I become a Project Manager, what style of management would I tend towards?
  • What organizations will best reflect my own values and complement my personality? Where will I “fit in”?
  • Why are certain parts of the job so difficult for me?
  • How can I grow into the job? What training or experiences will help?

To know more about your personality, visit here .

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Management Warrior said...

In project management, when we talk about “power” we mean the ability of the project manager to influence the behavior of team and other stakeholders. Knowing the different types of power in project management, and knowing how and when to use them, can be crucial to managing projects.

"Powerful Project Managers, their secrets revealed"

Hope this helps in your success in the field of Project Management.