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Sep 2, 2008 |

I have a few more days to get prepared for my CAPM exam. To be honest, I havent been doing much, which makes me nervous.

Long hours of work later, I haven't been studying. There are times when I have thought to postpone my exam, however I will appear for the exam no matter what.

Advantage: Since I have been studying for a while, I am hoping I can get through the exam.
Disadvantage: I perhaps need to focus a hell lot more.
Here's one mistake I made and you shoudn't. I read the PMBOK and then borrowed a preparation book for PMP from a friend of mine to get an idea. It has been going pretty well, till I saw some of the questions for CAPM through a trial version of some website and was stunned. The questions for CAPM are more of a test of your knowledge about Project Management than the indepth intricacies of it. So, finally I realised I was over-preparing for the exam.

Here's the fun part, while I am enjoying the challenge in a way, it is definietly not the wisest thing to do. So, please read up more and know about the exam before you start preparing for it.
Anyways to conclude, I am still up for the exam on September 15.
Here's something to relax your mind at work.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Soma,

Let us know about your experience with the CAPM exam once you do it. I don't know a lot of people who actually took this exam.

Hope you'll pass!

Anonymous said...

Its always good to over prepare or is it? Its difficult to lose weight than gain :) Wat say ??
All the best...go crack it girl...

sumit, business analyst