20 Random Facts About Me

Jul 9, 2009 | |
Just wanted to have some fun today and Thought about letting you know some facts about me.
  • My first name- isn’t Soma, its Somashree
  • My first childhood ambition- was to be a teacher
  • I have never been drunk in my life
  • I have double Masters’ degree- in English Literature and Mass Communication
  • My one wish I always come back to but never happens- Write a novel
  • I crave French fries when I am sad or happy
  • I’m a self converted “almost” vegetarian for the last few months (I still eat fish and once in a while meat quite a turn around from the carnivore that I was!)
  • When I was in college, I tried almost every single hair cut from a catalogue at the local hair salon till they told me I had to grow my hair to an extent to try another!
  • I love action movies, my favorite- Die Hard
  • If I had all the money in the world, I would only travel.
  • Surprises- Good ones of course I adore
  • My wallet is a storehouse of my favorite quotations handwritten and printed and a Sears Tower imprint on a dime.
  • I always pack lunch for work
  • I love fresh flowers, specially white- it’s my pick me up
  • I usually research the restaurant that I want to eat at- I look for reviews, recommendations from friends, pictures, menu, specialty etc.
  • I used to collect pens in all colors and styles. I gave that up because I don’t write as much now (with pen and paper that is).
  • I had my turning points in life when I read English August by Upmanyu Chatterjee at 19 and Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar at 22 (both are novels).
  • My best friend is far from the corporate life I live everyday, has an adorable kid and outwits me every time.
  • Last book I read was “First Things First” by Stephen Covey and “Meditation” by …cant remember the name, check back if you want the details.
  • My office purse is a black colored slightly oversized bag with must haves- pen, white notepad, 2 lipsticks (from Maybelline and Revlon), lip gloss from Body Shop, brown leather wallet, cell phone, a book, keys, a hair clip, comb, pen drive, chap stick.
Completely out of the loop, thought it was really cool Maven Training telling me that the blog post was inspired by me. Thank you very much and am honored.