What should a wanna-be PM do all day?

Jul 1, 2009 | |

  • Enter office- always on time. You want be noticed for your punctuality. Caught in traffic- call office and inform you will be 4 minutes late and is caught in traffic amidst say Michigan Avenue and State St.

Your boss or HR knows that you are specific, so chances are you are not faking it.

  • Check email and plan your day- almost before anyone starts working, now you always have a head start. If you can utilize this everyday, you don’t have to stress out at 5pm

Time management is your asset, very important if you want to prove/display your skills at it and not be the one who gets spotted at the water cooler everyday.

  • Get your to-do list according to the priority of delivery- you will never miss a deadline. Follow up with your team, co-workers if your delivery is dependant on someone else just to make sure they are aware of the deadline too.

On time delivery is taking the lift for the PM's office instead of the staircase. Everyone wants it on time.

  • Work efficiently and learn something new as often as possible- everyone likes a perfectionist, closer the better. New skills gives you the edge and the fact that want to grow and spend your personal time and energy to acquire skills that you can use in your job environment.

Sure shot way to be noticed, can’t be missed.

  • Keep your desk organized- its helps you unclutter yourself psychologically and keep the pressure off since you are not fumbling for that piece of paper you left at your desk three weeks ago.

Organized behavior is necessary for being a project manager.

  • Protect your team- no questions about it. Trust can’t breed if allow them (team) to take the hit every time. However, keep the rotten apple close to you. If you can’t discard it make sure it doesn’t spread to others.

Team handling needed to get up on the charts. Responsibility is required, blaming others for work not done when you haven’t followed up or bothered reviewing is not the solution.

  • Encourage others to grow- If they grow, you grow automatically. Train them to handle more responsibility, be in control, acquire better work habits and discourage slackers from taking everything for granted.

Thinking about the interest for your company and the money of your stakeholders bring in good reviews and is ethical.

  • Never leave while your team is working- Don’t leave early if your teams on the deadline and working late hours. Being with your team is important, if you can’t buy them a pack of chips or burger at least being there is showing support and being together no matter what.

Your team will thank you for it and appreciate it. Next time you ask a favor, guess who’ll be there?

  • Homework- Being in the comforts of your home doesn’t mean your jobs done. Work on how you can solve the pending problem or think about creative ways to allow someone else to get a second chance.

You will be more prepared for tomorrow and your planning and implementing new ideas will be recognized. Your team and management will know you appreciate your job and is looking at it as a long term stint.