Change Series 1

Watching Chris Brogans overnight success series and it’s a lesson learnt.

We like the brand and the glory that comes with it but most of the time we forget, how hard the work is! So, if you are on your couch and think how cool it is to be Chris Brogan, watch the videos.

Interacting with some of these successful people through my blog and following them on social media, I realize that it’s all hard work. You will be surprised how much of “giving up” is involved in the process. You travel, your work on weekends, you update, read more than average, be innovative to find out ways to keep your readers coming on for more and cut out on the fun and movies most of the time!

Its all work and you can have the fun – working. There’s no shortcut.

I just realized that I’m nowhere near to these people, so amongst all the 3 calls that I took today, I realize that all of them are working today. On a Saturday!

Like you dear newbie; I prefer not working on weekends, but things will change very soon. They already have, while I work on my blog post now and write another for a posting in middle of the week.

Weekends from today will be more work and relaxations happen while working!

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