Halloween High

Oct 31, 2009 |
I should be writing this in my personal journal, instead I choose this. This is a note to myself.

Today is Halloween and while you are busy prepping up for your party and buying candies, am right here trying to finish up more, so I can schedule my time for studies. So I can look into the package that is still lying on the floor- my CAPM study guide package.

We talk about being hard core and having fun- both can't happen at the same time. But thats just me, my opinion. Of course it is very relative- your personal definition of being hard core and having fun.

Its not about being an unsocial person or focusing so much that you just get drowned by it, its being a little more partial to one than the other. I choose the other, to be what I want to be, to do what I have wanted to do.

It's hard and not always fun but this is how I want it to be. I may make it or I may not- at least I will know I gave it my all.

So, have a wonderful Halloween everyone and as a treat you can try out this new site in the PM town.