The Power of Now

Aug 31, 2010 |
This post is late.

I didn’t time it out this weekend, because I was busy meeting people.

Monday came with bang- car problems, busy day, too many things in hand and resume updates. Before  I get back to more work and then to PMBOK here’s something wonderful I learnt last night while reading Eckhart Tolle.

I set goals and deadlines, sometimes panic and take on more than I can chew. The book – The Power Of Now talks about simple stuff of looking towards the Now than the tomorrow. Why run behind something and not enjoy the running?

Makes sense.  So, even though I had nightmares about getting the car towed and the problems of getting to work- I gave it a try. I didn't panic. I just took one step at a time.

It sure felt nice and better to be in control and not panic.

The problem as he says- is a frame of mind that we force us to think of. There are no problems in life, only situations that need to be taken care of. If we focus on the NOW, it is all fun.

So, when I ordered my red ipod I engraved -Happiness- is the essence of waking up everyday.

What’s the point of toiling if I am not happy- is it not why I go to work? Or get up every morning?
So, no matter what goals you have for life, it will all work out but the time is now. It will never come back. 

So, enjoy it, take deep breaths and live today, so you don’t have regrets tomorrow.

Next week, spending time in New York with my parents who are visiting. Expect more tweets than blog post!