Random facts about me- Pt 2

This is personal, so if you are looking for reviews, PM updates or anything else, you might skip this post.

I always talk/interact through my blog and yet there are times when I read my post and think how much of it am I really doing?

I do most of it, except a few:
•I am not a good networker
•I don’t go to meet ups, PMI groups or randomly meet people over coffee- though I really really want to
•I am shy most of the time- I wish I could call up people and say- care to meet me for a blog interview and sushi/coffee/pasta?
•I have analyzed my behaviors- not sure if it’s a culmination of not liking to driving long miles or fear of getting judged.
•I dream big, have done it all my life- but I fall short when it comes to implementing it.
•Sometimes I am not as consistent as I want to be (read trips to gym). It’s a joke now that if I am half as consistent as I am in blogging here, I will achieve any goal.
•Sometimes I know what I have to do but I won’t do it. I procrastinate (in personal goals). 
•I don’t envy people usually, however sometimes I feel I had those qualities as they do.

So, I have set 3 new goals for me during this blogging break:
•By next year (Dec 31, 2011) I will double my annual income (honestly, I love the idea more than thinking and hard work involved in actually implementing it). 
•I will start working on my first e-book and schedule it- so I don’t have an excuse to miss it anymore
•I will call up people and meet even if I feel like a coward (so, if you are someone from Chicago- I would love to meet you, if you are not I can still call/skype you. Here’s my LinkedIn id as well , just incase you want to know a little more about before you meet me and yes please add me)

Since we are talking all about what I have done in the last 10 days, here’s some more:
•I changed the name of this blog, it still is called Stepping into Project Management, I removed the “newbies diary” from it and replaced with “the journey continues”. One of the reasons is doing that is I am not a newbie any more but I started out as one and I understand how it is. So, this blog is more about continuing my journey in the world of project management now and sharing it with you.
•If you haven’t noticed the SIPM has updates too, there’s a new forum to talk, share and brainstorm ideas with the SIPM community. Anyone can read, to comment you have to be registered and you can do it here for free http://beta.steppingintopm.com/.

Want to have fun and learn more from real life Project Managers, check out here.


Project Management said...

That's a great idea of the year 2011, a double in your income is the best, I also like your idea of changing the blogs name, it only mans your trying to accelerate as you wish to get better on Pm..good luck..

SIPM said...

Thank you for the comment.......I hope my list works out.....btw loved ur site!